Meth Lab Cleaning/Testing

Methamphetamine use and production is a serious problem across the Midwest region. The byproducts of this production process can be very harmful to humans. MCC has helped many property owners with this remediation process, and we have helped those property owners regain peace of mind about the safety of their homes. MCC can help after a property has been contaminated by the methamphetamine production process. MCC can also perform surface tests to determine the presence of harmful products after this process has taken place.

While there are no federal laws pertaining to the cleanup of former methamphetamine labs, some states do have such laws. The United States Environmental Protection Agency does have suggested guidelines for the cleanup of these former labs. Aside from disclosure, there is no statewide law pertaining to the remediation of former labs in Missouri. Depending on which Missouri jurisdiction you live in the requirements may be much more stringent. If you find yourself in need of Meth lab remediation services, knowing what is required by your local governments will help the process go much smoother for you. Whatever your situation, let MCC help you get through it safely and legally.

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