Sewer Clean Up

Sewage backup is a form of biohazard and it is important to treat it as such when clean up is required on your property. A sewer may back up through, showers, tubs, toilets or floor drains. These back ups not only create health hazards, but overwhelming odors and sewage saturation problems as well. Cleaning up after a backed up sewer is best left to professionals, that with experience can evaluate the steps that must be taken to mitigate the damage. Midwest crisis cleaning deals with sewage clean up in three phases.

  1. Health Hazard phase

    We never underestimate the health hazards in sewage clean up. Our team is trained and equipped with the right tools to clean up biohazards in a safe and professional manner. Knowing the health risks and identifying what potential hazards may effect those dwelling or working in the property is our first concern. We then access proper ventilation concerns as will be needed to exhaust fumes from the backup waste, inhaling the fumes of sewer backup waste can make individuals very ill.

    Take simple steps to prevent contact between you and the actual waste products. Wear heavy-duty rubber gloves that come up to your elbows. In addition, wear rubber boots and a face mask. The boots can be sanitized after the cleanup and to prevent the germs from being spread throughout your home via the soles of your shoes. The mask is imperative, as directly inhaling the fumes from sewer backup waste can make you very ill.

  2. Removal phase

    Porous materials that have come into contact with waste products must be discarded.

    Porous items such as cardboard, paper, most sheetrock, carpeting and carpet padding must be removed and cannot be salvaged. Certain types of furniture will also need to be discarded along with upholstered furniture and cushions. Knowing what to keep and what will need to be removed is important to the health conditions of the property in the future. Our team will evaluate all items that cannot be effectively sanitized and safely remove them from the property. At times dumpsters must be brought on site depending on the extent of the damage. Safely removing contaminated items from a property leads us to our final phase.

  3. Cleaning phase

    Midwest Crisis Cleaning uses a three tier cleaning method for sewer clean up. Once the health hazards have been assessed, and the contaminated belongings have been discarded, the property must be properly cleaned. The equipment and chemicals used will vary according to the extent of the damage. Our three tier cleaning process ends with a broad spectrum anti microbial (germicidal treatment) application, this eliminates the germs and bacteria from the area effected from the sewer back up.

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